Filthy Pedro & The Carthaginians
released on April 12th through Blang Records - review by Claire White

'Filthy Pedro & The Carthaginians' bring a lot of difference to the music scene.  They are in fact one of the bands that you cannot understand why, but you can't seem to stop listening to them. They have an edge above the rest; they don't seem to sound


similar to anyone which is the way get noticed.  The songs do indeed have the ability to be stuck in your head, despite holding a key difference to their style.

They give an easy listen and it doesn't require a particular mood to tune into the band and appreciate their style. With quirky lyrics, describing typical day to day experiences without 'glamorizing' them, the band give the down to earth aspect that everyone experiences but no one dares write about the reality and therefore, them doing so gives you a song for every mood and allowing ways to relate to them easily.

The introductions to the songs cannot go unnoticed. Many start off in a peculiar manner that you imagine was not meant to be recorded, yet somehow manages to work with the band. They have varied introductions, for example in 'What Goes Up,’ that would never work in any other bands’ style but this, yet 'Filthy Pedro & The Carthaginians' carry this off, seeming almost effortless.


'Rock n Roll Points' is bound to be one of the favourites from the album, grasping catchy beats and lyrics in which undoubtedly we can all relate to at some point in our lives or even the fact we all eagerly want the 'lifestyle' as it is portrayed within the song also.


'I'm Too Good For You' gives a different take on the typical 'lovey' songs that dominate albums, as you can tell from the song’s title. The band write all their songs in a unique way and give more ways in which you can relate to songs using a different take than the typical. They have written their songs skilfully, taking on the angles far from the stereotyped and covering the actual reality.


If you had to put the band into a specific category, you'd be sat for hours deciding. They would ideally have to expand over many, which just gives another key ingredient to their unique style. Think folk music meets pop music, think blues meets hip hop (believe it or not!) and think British. Then there you have it; 'Filthy Pedro & The Carthaginians'. The genre is as relaxed as the band come across, giving them a wide appeal and a new twist to British traditional folk music, breaking the stereotype which comes attached to such and adding the new pop and blues twist.


If all these genres mashed into the one band doesn't sound like your type of thing, well think again. You can only experience the band's true feeling if you give them a chance.  Think of all the music you hear on the radio that you don't like, but listen to anyway. A few minutes of your time could be a changing experience, thanks to the bands quirky recordings and they will give you an insight into a new style of music altogether.


They are far from the typical bands that dominate the charts and bands that I would listen to but despite all this, I found the band an extremely easy listen and one that I couldn't resist swaying along to.


If you want a bit of difference in your music style then 'Filthy Pedro & The Carthaginians' are worth a listen. They will indefinitely add variety to your music taste, with their quirky style and different take on songs. They deserve credit for their work and should have the praise for maintaining their difference and not blending in with the rest.

Review by Claire White

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